Tuesday, March 22, 2005


The Peter Principle (Dr. Lawrence J. Peter & Raymond Hull)
"Becket" (Jean Anouilh)
The Mephisto Waltz (Fred Mustard Stewart)
The Methuselah Enzyme (Fred Mustard Stewart)
Down the Tube; or, Making Television Commercials is Such a Dog-Eat-Dog Business it's No Wonder They're Called Spots (Terry Galanoy) NF
The Hot Rock (Donald Westlake)
Being There (Jerzy Kosinski)
Getting Even (Woody Allen) NF
FOUL! The Connie Hawkins Story (David Wolf) NF
M*A*S*H (Richard Hooker)
The New Centurians (Joseph Wambaugh)
Confessions of a Basketball Gypsy (Rick Barry) NF
The Incredible Mets (Maury Allen) NF
I'm Glad You Didn't Take it Personally (Jim Bouton) NF
I Am Third (Gayle Sayers) NF
The Perfect Game (Tom Seaver with Dick Schaap) NF
Last to First: The Story of the Mets (Larry Fox) NF
Amazing: The Miracle of the Mets (Joe Durso) NF
Our Gang (Philip Roth)
You'll Like My Mother (Naomi Hintze)
The Possession of Joel Delaney (Ramona Stewart)

TOTAL = 21