Saturday, April 23, 2005


Uhura's Song (Janet Kagen) SF
Dune (Frank Herbert) SF
Dune Messiah (Frank Herbert) SF
For Better, For Worse (Caryl Rivers & Alan Lupo) NF
The Masters of Solitude (Marvin Kaye & PArke Godwin) SF
The World of Null-A (A.E. van Vogt) SF
Murphy's Boy (Torey Hayden) NF
Life for Death: A True Story of Crime and Punishment (Michael Mewshaw) NF
The Girl Sleuth (Bobbie Ann Mason) NF
Cuckoo's Egg (C.J. Cherryh) SF
Brother Jonathan (Crawford Killian) SF
Killing Time (Della Van Hise) SF
Infinity's Web (Sheila Finch) SF
The Postman (David Brin) SF
Mindshadow (J.M. Dillard) SF

TOTAL = 15