Monday, January 02, 2006


the curious incident of the dog in the night-time (marc haddon)
Sickened (Julie Gregory) NF
Motherless Brooklyn (Jonathan Lethem)
The Speed of Dark (Elizabeth Moon)
Nightcrawlers (Bill Pronzini)
Acid Row (Minette Walters)
Pattern Recognition (William Gibson)
Every Secret Thing (Laura Lippman)
The Plot Against America by Philip Roth
The Scold's Bridle (Minette Walters)
Hot and Sweaty Rex (Eric Garcia)
Blood of Angels (Michael Marshall (Smith))
Rain Storm (Barry Eisler)
Magical Thinking (Augusten Burroughs) NF
The Ice House (Minette Walters)
The Breaker (Minette Walters)

TOTAL = 16


Whole Wide World (Paul McAuley) SF
Replay (Ken Grimwood) SF
Running with Scissors (Augusten Burroughs) NF
Dry (Augusten Burroughs) NF
Island of Bones (P.J. Parrish)
The Upright Man (Michael Marshall (Smith))
Shutter Island (Dennis Lehane)
Timescape (Gregory Benford) SF
The Shape of Snakes (Minette Walters)
Dog Warrior (Wen Spencer) SF
Hard Rain (Barry Eisler)
Singularity Sky (Charles Stross) SF
Shadow Baby (Alison McGhee)

TOTAL = 13


The Devil and Deep Space (Susan R. Matthews) SF
Cyber Way (Alan Dean Foster) SF
Spook (Bill Pronzini)
Mystic River (Dennis Lehane)
Bruised Hibiscus (Elizabeth Nunez)
The Stars Can Wait (Jay Basu)
Holes (Louis Sachar) JUV
Crow Lake (Mary Lawson)
Bitter Waters (Wen Spencer) SF
For Rouenna (Sigrid Nunez)
The Dress Lodger (Sheri Holman)
A Drink Before the War (Dennis Lehane)
The Hole (Guy Burt)
Rain Fall (Barry Eisler)
Perfume (Patrick Suskind)
The Floating City (Pamela Ball)
Black Cherry Blues (James Lee Burke)
Prayers for Rain (Dennis Lehane)
Blood of Victory (Alan Furst)
Psycho Shop (Alfred Bester & Roger Zelazny) SF
Sophie (Guy Burt)
December 6 (Martin Cruz Smith)

TOTAL = 22


Blue Mars (Kim Stanley Robinson) SF
Pavane (Keith Roberts) SF
Running Blind (Lee Child)
An Obedient Father (Akhil Sharma)
Mars Crossing (Geoffrey A. Landis) SF
Tainted Trail (Wen Spencer) SF
Casual Rex (Eric Garcia)
The Pickup Artist (Terry Bisson) SF
Kingdom of Shadows (Alan Furst)
The Last Hot Time (John M. Ford) fant
The Straw Men (Michael Marshall (Smith))
First Landing (Robert Zubrin) SF
Bleeders (Bill Pronzini)
technogenesis (Syne Mitchell) SF
A Small Death in Lisbon (Robert Wilson)
The Art of Miniature (Jane Freeman) NF

TOTAL = 16


Forever Free (Joe Haldeman) SF
Plainsong (Kent Haruf)
The Fencing Master (Arturo Perez-Riverte)
Red Mars (Kim Stanley Robinson) SF
Green Mars (Kim Stanley Robinson) SF
Lost Girls (Andrew Pyper)
Living at the Edge of the World: A Teenager's Survival in the Tunnels of Grand Central Station (Tina S. & J.P. Bolnick) NF
Shipwrecks (Akira Yoshimura)
Driving Mr. Albert: A Trip Across America with Einstein's Brain (Michael Paterniti) NF
Under the Skin (Michel Faber)
Anonymous Rex (Eric Garcia)
Alien Taste (Wen Spencer) SF

TOTAL = 12


The Church of Dead Girls (Stephen Dobyns)
Bad Chemistry (Gary Krist)
Thoughts of God (Michael Kanaly) SF
The Color of Distance (Amy Thomson) SF
House of Sand and Fog (Andre Dubus III)
Distance Haze (Jamil Nasir) SF
A Prayer for the Dying (Stewart O'Nan)
Mockingbird (Walter Tevis) SF
In Praise of Lies (Patricia Melo)
Allan Stein (Matthew Stadler)
Circuit of Heaven (Dennis Danvers) SF
Incident at Twenty-Mile (Trevanian)
Psion (Joan Vinge) SF
Catspaw (Joan Vinge) SF
Crazybone (Bill Pronzini)
Dreamfall (Joan Vinge) SF
All Tomorrow's Parties (William Gibson) SF
Only Forward (Michael Marshall Smith) SF
Timeline (Michael Crichton)
The Man Who Ate the 747 (Ben Sherwood)

TOTAL = 20