Sunday, December 25, 2005


Higher Space (Jamil Nasir) SF
The Gypsy (Steven Brust & Megan Lindholm) fant
The Hemingway Hoax (Joe Haldeman) SF
The Vor Game (Lois McMaster Bujold) SF
An Exchange of Hostages (Susan R. Matthews) SF
Armor (John Steakley) SF
Illusions (Bill Pronzini)
Liar's Club (Mary Karr) NF
Prism: Andrea's World (Jonathan Bliss & Eugene Bliss, MD) NF
Gun, With Occasional Music (Jonathan Lethem) SF
Idoru (William Gibson) SF
City of Truth (James Morrow) SF
River of Dust (Alexander Jablokov) SF
The Stranger (Eric James Fullilove) SF

TOTAL = 14